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Adprime Tech is the fastest growing online ad network dedicated to technology consumers, enthusiasts, influencers and business decision makers. We are currently at over 34MM unique visitors across the U.S. monthly. We help advertisers to produce the best results by engaging the right audience on our network of over 300 technology relevant websites.


We have 300+ tech specific sites available to reach your audience from site targeting to data targeting. This allows us to combine various targeting options such as demographic, geographic, and content channels to reach your audience.


Understanding your campaign objectives is the key to our success. Our Ad Operations team optimizes each campaign by continuously monitoring its performance on websites. Impressions are shifted to highest performing placements and underperforming sites are immediately removed for the duration.

Brand Safety & Awareness

All of the sites on our network go through strict review process before they are included in our network. To add another layer of assurance, we partner with 3rd party verification providers to make sure that your ads are being delivered as planned.


Custom channel building. We work with you to build targeting channels according to your target audience and the goal of the campaign. We have dedicated content channels to cover consumer technology, enterprise and B2B, science and health, as well as gaming.

Creative Messaging

We work with our publishing partners to provide you with the most innovative and engaging ways to communicate with your audience. Be among the first in the industry deploying IAB's "Rising Stars" display ad units.